Enter an address and search the neighboring location of the incident for registered cameras. 


View all registered cameras on a “Hot Map” or list view and identify cameras of interest.


Easily and efficiently contact owners to request a copy of their video footage.

Our Mission

In light of the growing number of homes and businesses equipped with easy to access surveillance, we believe that Police Departments also need easier, faster, and more user-friendly ways to manage, track, and utilize surveillance footage that exists out in the community.

That is why we have created MyCivic Eye, a user-friendly web-based registry to manage home and business surveillance systems accessible to help establish leads, identify suspects, and save valuable investigative time in the event of a crime.

Save Valuable Time and Money

Turnkey Community Surveillance Camera Registry


We believe in value. We also realize that the value one organization sees from a piece of software may be very different from a neighboring organization or one with very similar demographics.


We don’t believe budget cycles should stand in the way of tools that make communities safer, as well as save officers valuable time.


That is why we are offering MyCivic Eye
on a Pay As You Wish basis.

Valuable Tool

Save Valuable Time

Major Crimes

Every officer knows how imperative it is to gather as much information as possible during the immediate hours after a crime has occurred and the clock continues to tick. No longer will officers have to make endless phone calls or go door to door in the hopes of being lucky enough to track down help. With MyCivic Eye, the department can be on its way to solving crimes and delivering justice right away.

Powerful Deterrent

The Power Of Community

Package Theft

The ultimate goal of MyCivic Eye is to become a deterrent to those who would commit crimes. A prime example of this would be in the case of thieves who steal deliveries from doorsteps. Having the camera registry in place gives citizens an opportunity to help their police department while also helping themselves.

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How It Works For Police Departments

Search Registry

When a crime happens, officers can use any mobile or computer device to access a secure database and search the address of the incident.

View Cameras Registered

They immediately see a heatmap of all registered cameras accessible within a specific radius, including contact information for the camera owner and any key notes.

Contact & Request

Officers can quickly reach out to registrants and request for surveillance footage to help establish leads, identify suspects, and save valuable investigative time.

How It Works For Residents & Business Owners


Home and business owners who want to help fight crime in their neighborhood register their camera location, contact information, and their willingness to be contacted if their footage might be able to help resolve a case. No direct access is granted or enabled and all information is kept confidential.

Make Community Safer

When a crime occurs that may be within the view of their camera, the Police Department may contact registrants to request access to any relevant surveillance footage captured.


Local law enforcement can only review footage if and after registrants agree. A new request must be made for each incident, granting one-time only permission. Participation always remains 100% voluntary
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Why MyCivic Eye

User Friendly

A user-friendly interface for both citizens  and police staff that is accessible from anywhere.

Marketing Support

Includes marketing support to drive more effective community outreach and participation.

Turnkey Implementation

Plugs-in effortlessly into your existing website, social media sites, and mobile data terminals.


If you have an existing database, it can be quickly imported into the CivicEye platform.

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